The æternity crypto foundation is a nonprofit organization established in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The charitable foundation supports open source development of the aeternity protocol and its surrounding ecosystems.

With focus on blockchain technology, the organization is committed to promote technical excellence and user-friendly applications.


Since establishment of the foundation, over 36 grants have been paid out.

Technology Updates

Receive monthly updates about the æternity core technology and its ecosystems.

Funding Categories

Main focus of support is technical advancement of the æternity open source protocol.

Further target areas are the promotion of æternity ecosystems.

Open Source Development

Foster open source development is main funding focus of the æternity crypto foundation (ACF).

Research and Education

The ACF supports research and education in the fields of blockchain technology, cryptography and mathematics.

Community Growth

The ACF is interested in community driven initiatives. Examples are: The æmbassador program and aeknow.org.

Culture and Art

Creative work is supported in various ways. One example is the YAIR art project yair.art.

Core and Essentials Development Domains

The 7 domains are current focus areas of the open source core and essentials development and their approximate funding allocation weighting. The displayed allocation may be adjusted, as development and its priorities are subject to change.

Protocol Maintenance
Protocol Development
Wallets and Interfaces
æpps and Integrations
Middleware Backend API

Call for Proposals

The æternity crypto foundation welcomes individuals, teams and non-commercial projects. Please prepare your submission according to these required application guidelines.


As the director of æternity establishment, accompanying the project early on, Marion Vogel is committed to building a global blockchain ecosystem. An early believer in blockchain, Marion is dedicated to understanding the implications of transformational ideas of communities worldwide and skillfully supporting the foundation's mission. Her previous experience, in marketing and business development in Silicon Valley, enables her to lead the foundation efforts smoothly and efficiently.

Marion Vogel


As the founder of a publishing media company (Proud), a Restaurant (Beuster) and two tech start-ups (Dropspot and Abend - 30 employees), Emin has been an active entrepreneur since 2008. He is a C-level IT Product and Engineering Manager. Within the blockchain space he is an early adopter, an ex-Bitcoin miner and an investor in Ethereum. Emin is the product and operations manager for æternity blockchain. And this brings Emin excellence expertise to the foundation team when it comes to technical knowledge of the æternity protocol and its features.

Emin Mahrt

Member of the Board

Peter is a serial entrepreneur, educated in finance and IT. Peter's latest endeavors include his role as CEO of daura, a joint venture of Swisscom and MME, which aims to tokenize shares for small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland. He is also a member of the expert group that recently introduced Liechtenstein's legal blockchain act, which has already gained international attention from competing jurisdictions. Peter held a position as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at inventix AG, a Swiss service provider for banks and insurance companies

Peter Schnürer

Member of the Board

Sascha’s background is in wealth management, private equity investment, and cross-border wealth structuring. His role in the æternity Crypto Foundation combines his wealth of experience, his passion for philanthropy and his advocacy for blockchain technology. Born and raised in Liechtenstein and educated in Switzerland, Sascha established a wide network of connections throughout his career, and is thrilled to support æternity expand and spread its vision worldwide.

Sascha Valenta

Member of the Board

Tina has more than 15 years’ experience driving challenging IT projects in logistics, telecommunications and the medical device industry. As Asia Pacific Manager with æternity establishment , Tina has made it possible to build bridges between æternity and various exchanges. With her agility and willingness to dive into all aspects of the foundation’s needs, she is determined to steer the foundation’s operations towards a solid global presence.

Tina Miao

Chief Operating Officer

Yoana joined the team with a strong interest in the blockchain technology and aeterinity project in particular. She has 7 years of experience in the civil society sector, in grants making and organizational development. She would like to use her talents to help contribute to a sustainable ecosystem of Blockchain supporters and innovators and their transformative projects.

Yoana Decheva

Donations and Grants Manager

Pegah has been an early supporter of Blockchain technology and æternity. She has been focusing on Blockchain application development, project management and followed by general ongoing technical support and documentation. Driven by making Blockchain technology and æpp development easier, Pegah has been building æternity’s Documentation Hub for an overall better developer experience. She is excited to support the foundation for a successful implementation of their projects.

Pegah Ghojavand

Development and Technical Marketing Manager

Cecille de Jesus has over 15 years of experience in campaigns and has been working in the communications side of blockchain, science, and tech for years. She also currently serves as Head of Media & Public Relations for æternity, and is helping out with the communications for æternity crypto foundation.

Cecille De Jesus

Technical Writer

Lale joined the team with a high level of interest in supporting the Aeternity Crypto Foundation in their important role in pioneering blockchain technology and its surrounding systems. Working in the field of accounting for a blockchain project creates interesting new tasks and challenges. With her bilateral experience, she is a great fit to support the mission. In August 2019 she finished her Marketing-Communications apprenticeship in a renowned, Berlin-based accounting company. Previously she supported various start-ups as an online marketing- and accounting manager.

Lale Mahrt

Accounting Manager

As the co-owner of the Berlin night club “Chalet” and founder of the party label “Feingefühl”, Adriano has been in the event business since 2009 and has been organizing big events ever since. These include the Mercedes Benz fashion week as well as many festivals and conferences. Having studied media computing, Adriano’s interest in the blockchain space arose in 2017 when he invested in a crypto startup.

Adriano Karok

Event Manager

Hakeem is an experienced cryptocurrency trader and Software engineer. He is the author of multisend - an ethereum dapp that helps distribute ethereum and ethereum tokens to many addresses. He has provided support to Nepsium and CoinProfile both as a contributor and as a technical team lead. As technical engineering manager at aeternity crypto foundation, Hakeem will ensure that all projects and teams are aligned, aware of their main objectives and succesfuly deliver their project goals.

Hakeem Orewole

Technical Engineering Manager

Having exchanged ideas and pursued blockchain endeavors with many of the greatest minds, Yanislav is a true veteran of the blockchain space. Back in 2013, the "Godfather of Ethereum" envisioned powerful algorithms on blockchains. Now, with æternity, a new version of his vision is becoming reality once more.

Yanislav Malahov